Truck insurnace

Cargo Insurance

For-Hire truck drivers are usually required by their clients to carry liability insurance for their cargo. Obtaining Motor Truck Cargo insurance is not as easy as just adding on liability insurance to your commercial truck policy. You must be a “For-hire” with a specific truck-body in order to obtain the full benefits.

Truck insurnace

Cargo Insurance

ACG Insurance has a proud history of protecting business owners against the liability and physical damage that can come from owning or using a vehicle for commercial business purposes.

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See how much you could save
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Insurance That Cares About What’s On The Inside

At ACG, we take pride in providing an affordable, well-rounded policy. Since cargo insurance protects the goods your truck carries and not the truck itself; you can sometimes make the mistake of paying twice for both policies in case of an accident. Or not being eligible for coverage because you were carrying cargo that was excluded in your cargo policy.

Our experts will help bundle your policy so you don’t overpay incase of an accident. We will also analyze the cargo you are hauling and let you know of any potential hazards you may face. Talk to one of our agents today and get answers you need to get your business and cargo back on the road.

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Removal Expenses

Covers the cost of clean up should the cargo you transport fall onto the highway during an accident.

Sue and Labor

Protection for your cargo against further loss from an accident:

  • Legal Defense.
  • Settlement of claims.

Earned Freight Coverage

Covers your clients by paying for their cargo’s freight charge in case of an accident.