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If your truck experiences any sort of setback. It can cost you or your clients, thousands in damages. Getting any sort of truck insurance will not guarantee proper protection.

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See how much you could save in 5 minutes

See how much you could save
in 5 minutes

As a truck driver, you know about the uncertainties of the road.

There are certain rules, regulations, and requirements that you must abide by in order to reach your destination safely. So if you’ve worked hard and traveled far to become a truck driver or even start your own trucking business; let us build the best truck insurance policy for you and your business.

As brokers, we have the privilege to work with some of the nation’s best commercial truck insurance companies. This helps our team of expert-agents give you the best coverage for the lowest price. We will never sacrifice the quality of coverage just to save a few bucks. We can also help you obtain state or federal insurance fillings; incase you are traveling across state lines.

Cheaper is not always safer!

If you’ve driven more than 100K miles in a year, and have not filed a claim; you are one of the few Truckers able to pull that off. A study done by the D.O.T reports that there is 1 fatal crash per 100 million truck miles. With more than a million interstate truck carriers on the road as of 2010; you can begin to see how often fatal accidents occur.

Not to mention the frequency of general accidents, which costs an average of $60K. This information is not meant to scare anyone, but to make drivers aware of their constant exposure. Safeguarding your business from financial hardship starts with a policy that goes the extra mile to protect you and your drivers at a price that lets you grow competitively.

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Bobtail Truck

Insurance to help guide your bobtail truck to a new destination once you have dropped off your trailer

Dump Truck

Insurance that wont till or open up at the back when misfortune tries to unload some bad luck.

Cargo Insurance

If you are looking to protect more than just the truck you employ, then a simple policy won’t cut it. Click here to learn more about what we can do to protect your freight.